How to use it

Quick and dirty demo


Download the app from Google Play. The base funcitonality is there, but it is under development, though the release cycles might be quite long.

You could also compile the code and installing it on your device. Beware that this is rarely not the same version as supplied on Google play and might behave odd. Instructions on how that is done can easily be found online . Soon there will be a normal APK published to Google play.

Important to note is that the app needs a few external libraries to function. It is functions related to OSM that rely on this.

Please note that Mappish needs some data before functioning properly. At first you will not see any heatmaps or paths, just a few dots

Issues at this stage

This app is in beta stage and still has some issues to adress. Not having the location service turned on in the android system might lead to unwanted but harmless behavior. Flipping the device repeatedly might stop the app.

The other issues are cosmetic and related to minor glitches in the UI