Start menu

When you first start the game a short loading spalsh image will take you to this home menu screen. If this is the first time you start the game you will be sent to the preferences section to setup section to choose server.

The home menu of Stalker

Start the game

From the start menu, if you either select "new game" or "go to game" yo will end up in one of the screens below. You will be presented with the three radiuses. In the area between the large red circle and the filled opaque circle is where you look for opponents. Your player is the market in the center, the other markers are opponents.

If there are any opponents there they will be displayed as in the middle image. If there aren't any in the proximity, you are not able to play.

example graphic example graphic example graphic


A short tap on a player reveals some statistics about it. A long press starts a stalking session.

The stalking session is shown in the rightmost image. The centermost marker is you. The other one is your opponent. The green concentric circles are showing different scoring regions, the closer you get to the opponent, the higher score you get. The largeest circle is the escape zone. If your opponent manages to get out if it, he has escaped.

Oh. And if your opponent can't escape, there is a time limit of ten minutes. No game will keep going longer than that.

Settings and highscore

The Preferences and highscore activities are very rough at the moment. Preferences are stored presistently once they are entered.

  • Server feilds needs to be filled in.
  • Onlineinstructions should make the game pretty self explanatory
  • Debuginformaiton could easily be turned of in the source

The higscore activity is meerly a working prototype. The content is correct but the layout could bebefit from some further love.

example graphic example graphic